In our 5000 m2 production plant we have been manufacturing for 12 years more than 30 tzpes of pastry baked in several hundred franchisee stores.

Depending on whether they are leavened or unleavened, MiniPani products are fermented immediately after their forming and filling, followed by freezing and packaging, to ultimately be stored at -18 °C. The shelf life of our ready-to-bake frozen products is 270 days from the production date. The products are packed by the kilogram or piece by piece.

The products are prepared and baked at the franchisee’s sales facility in line with the previously defined baking instructions, offering the customers the pleasure of freshly baked pastry by a stable and unified set of quality standards.


We intensively develop Mini Pani products with value-added properties which are the result of our own knowledge. A careful selection of raw materials, the highest level of quality control and adherence to standards for food safety along with a high level of expertise of our employees results in superior products with impeccable quality which can be measured with the products of the world’s leading baking industry companies. Our products are placed in the market under its own trademarked brand name Mini Pani.

Concern about the joy and health of our customers directed us to the next steps:

  • use only margarine with multiple reduced content of trans fatty acids

  • on average 70% fruit in the filling

  • products from whole-wheat flour with a high content of fiber