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Our system is oriented on choosing a good candidate for getting the franchise. We want to convince you that choosing our franchise is the right choice for you.

Please fill out the survey that we provided on this page. Answer all the questions as realistic as you can, if you don’t we will get inaccurate data on which we can make wrong decisions.

Survey result by itself doesn’t influence on our decision to give someone the right to use the franchise. All the data that we will get based on your survey are confidential and will be used only for the franchise agreement. Franchise provider will keep the data stored in the accordance with the Consumer protection law and other eligible laws.

MiniPani franchise

Franchise is a comprehensive relationship in which the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to work with the franchisor and to sell products produced by the franchisor in accordance with its terms of business and under a trademarked commercial name of the franchisor. A well structured and guided franchise is the guarantee for continuous and secure profit. It consists of a business package, and includes:

  • right to use the brand
  • know – how (you get the best guidance and advice for your quality work tailored to the modern way of product sales)
  • business experience and ongoing professional support (we always stay at your disposal with advice for specific situations and new challenges)
  • marketing and PR (we have through many years of work developed a lot of marketing tools, with which you will be able to build good and quality marketing at a local level)
  • training (work with spot-ovens, how to get from the semi-finished to the final product)
  • franchise guide
  • MiniPani products.

Franchising allows its franchisees to expand their existing business or to start a new profitable business without risk and with a minimal investment. Franchise reveals itself in times of crisis increasingly as an excellent cooperation and business opportunity for individuals who want to work for their own, but are not in this business all on their own.

A prerequisite for the good functioning of the salesroom is a location on one of the traffic points in the city (center, schools, bus stops, medical facilities, etc..).

The ovens of a known Italian manufacturer, which are given for use are specially prepared for the baking of MiniPani products. Spot oven with its appearance contributes to the pleasant atmosphere of the retail space, the standardized appeareance creates a unique advertising and marketing tool respectively equipment.

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